Welcome to our website.  Please feel free to look around and learn about us!  We have some great things going on, and would love to have you stop by our church for a visit soon!

Upcoming Events

Coming this Sunday is our annual kid’s Christmas production!  Performed during service, this short drama is a cute re-enactment of the story of Jesus’ birth.  Join us for the performance, and then stay after church for the pot-luck lunch!

December 21 at 5:30, we will have a fun evening of Christmas caroling to some of our fellow church members.  If you would like to participate, contact the office or check Sunday’s bulletin for more info!

One Sermon Under the Belt

We are already approaching the second Sunday with our new pastor!

Our first week in the office as a staff went smoothly as did Sunday Worship!  As was stated earlier there will be changes coming but for now we are very excited to see where God is leading us to go under the direction of Pastor Reed!  Come by Sunday and visit with us!  Worship begins at 10:45AM.

Faith Promise

Sunday, October 5th was our annual Faith Promise Sunday. Faith Promise is when we prayerfully consider what God would like us to give on top of our regular tithing.  This money goes to missions, around Newport and overseas.  Our church has always been a very giving church and has given well above the average percentages, but this year went far above what we have previously pledged.  As of Sunday the 5th the church has pledged $25,020.00 for the 2014-2015 year!  What an incredible amount, again you have gone above and beyond and showed your heart!  What a blessing it is to be a part of this congregation and having such a giving caring spirit.  We look forward to this coming year and the blessings that will be giving because of you!  Thank you everyone!  (There will be one last week to pledge next Sunday October 16th!)

Change is Coming!

As October approaches it brings with it change to Newport Christian.  Some may have noticed that we have shortened our name.  We are now going by Newport Christian instead of First Christian Church of Newport.  This change was approved along with the updating of our church bylaws early in September.  We would like to share with you now our new logo!



Now that we have new bylaws, a new name and a fresh logo, what else would we need…Oh right a pastor!  We are very excited that Reed Adams and his family will be joining our church as pastoral staff the week of October 13, with his first preaching Sunday, October 19th!

Now, if you thought that was a lot of change don’t worry there will be much more ahead of us.  We are excited to see the change and growth that our church has gone through these past months (growth is not always in numbers), are you ready to join us to see where the next months take us.  It has not all been easy, and change may not come quickly, but it is out there and we need to be ready and open for what is in store for our church.  Remember to check out or Facebook page for any current updates!  Please join us this Sunday for worship at 10:45, with Bible Classes at 9:30.

Reed Adams and Family

It is official, Reed Adams is our Senior Pastor.  He and his family will be joining our church family in early October! With his first Sunday ‘behind the pulpit’ October 19th! Below is a short bio for Reed along with a  bio for the family.  Please check out our church Facebook page for more recent updates about the church during this transition.

Reed Adams


Reed Adams has been the lead pastor here at Newport Christian, since October, 2014.  He grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and has lived in five different states.  He earned his bachelor’s degree from Ozark Christian College, and his Master’s from Lincoln Christian University.  He and his wife, Audrey, have been married for seven years and have three young children: Anna, Lincoln and Asher.

The Adams Family


Reed and Audrey Adams are so excited to be a part of Newport Christian Church!  They came from Columbus, Ohio, where Reed was a children’s pastor for six years.  He was in Arizona doing the same ministry before that, which is where he and his wife, Audrey, met.  They have been married for seven years and have three young children.  Anna will be five in January (and is the talker of the bunch), Lincoln is three and a half (and is the ball of energy) and Asher turns two in November (he is the heart-melter).  Audrey is an Oregonian, and grew up in Canby.  Her parents still live there, and she has other family all over the state.