Sunday’s Message: “I’m Going To Miss This Body, Bride, Family, Temple, Mess”

church-picSunday was Derek’s last Sunday as pastor/preacher/minister of the First Christian Church of Newport. This message is a look at the church based upon the metaphors used to describe in the New Testament.

Please have a listen.

FYI, if you’re curious about what Derek and Pam will be doing now, please see their web page here: Living On the Far Side, as well as the web site of Agape International Missions, the organization they will be serving with.


Sunday’s Message: “What’s More Important Than Obeying the Rules?”

MercySacrificeLikely everyone would agree that having rules is a good thing. We’d probably also all agree that obeying rules is a good, even necessary, thing.

But what about when our oh-so-important rules get in the way of more important things?

That question lies at the heart of what Jesus was saying in Matthew 12:1–8.

Have a listen to find out what’s more important than obeying the rules.


Last Sunday’s Message: “It’s Not About Heaven and Hell”

heaven-and-hell-2Growing up in the church, most of us are likely taught that “accepting Jesus,” or “becoming a Christian” has, as its primary benefit, the twin promises of eternal life and the avoidance of eternal punishment. That’s true, isn’t it? Therefore, many — maybe even most — followers of Jesus “sell” the Gospel message as being primarily about going to heaven and/or avoiding hell.

Certainly our eternal destiny is a part of the equation, but when Jesus spoke to lost people, he used a different tack. He did not tell sinful people, “Join with me or you’ll burn in hell.” No, he said “Join me, follow me, live life with me, and you’ll be free, part of God’s family, and your life will have meaning.” That’s a far cry from the way often paint salvation as a simplistic dichotomy of “heaven OR hell.”

Click here to listen to more about why it’s not just about going to heaven and avoiding hell.


Christmas Eve Service

christmas_eve_serviceOur annual Christmas Eve Service will be at 6:30pm. Please join us for a time of worship as we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ to earth.


Sunday’s Message: “Have A Subversive, Impossible Holiday”

Young woman wearing Santa's hat is screaming.Are you ready for Christmas? Don’t groan. Most people aren’t. In our experience, many people come away from Christmas feeling anything but closer to God, even though they have just “celebrated” the coming of Jesus. Here is a message about three words that just might help your Christmas experience.


Last Sunday’s Message: “We’re Not Getting What We Deserve”

woman_9If you think the story of “the woman caught in adultery” in John 8 is about sexual sin, you’re missing the point. It’s not. It’s about forgiveness; it’s about coming back from something you thought there was no coming back from. Simply, it’s about grace.

Listen to the final message of the “Fail!” series here.