Bible Studies

There are several weekly Bible Studies offered.

During the football season the men meet each week and watch the Monday Night game together with a devotion time beginning during half time and lasting much of the 3rd quarter.  Contact the church office for more information about this Bible Study if you are interested in attending. or check out our weekly bulletin for more information.

Since the men are meeting Monday Nights the women do too!  This season we will be completing the same study as the men just in a different location!  If you are not able to make the Women’s group Monday night there you get a second chance to make the study Tuesday morning.  Again contact the church or check out our bulletin for more information about this study.

Wednesday there is an open Bible study offered.  This is an in-depth study of different aspects of our faith.  Topics range from a book study (i.e. the Book of John), a character study, theological study and more.  This study is lead by our resident professor and theologian.  This is a great study to bring your questions to!

The youth have a weekly Bible study offered as well and you can check that out on the Youth page.  Just click the tab at the top of the page.


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