Last Sunday’s Message: “It’s Not About Heaven and Hell”

heaven-and-hell-2Growing up in the church, most of us are likely taught that “accepting Jesus,” or “becoming a Christian” has, as its primary benefit, the twin promises of eternal life and the avoidance of eternal punishment. That’s true, isn’t it? Therefore, many — maybe even most — followers of Jesus “sell” the Gospel message as being primarily about going to heaven and/or avoiding hell.

Certainly our eternal destiny is a part of the equation, but when Jesus spoke to lost people, he used a different tack. He did not tell sinful people, “Join with me or you’ll burn in hell.” No, he said “Join me, follow me, live life with me, and you’ll be free, part of God’s family, and your life will have meaning.” That’s a far cry from the way often paint salvation as a simplistic dichotomy of “heaven OR hell.”

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