Sunday’s Message: “Fight, Lose, Fight Again”

fail wordThis is the first message in a series entitled “FAIL!” What is “Fail!” about? The tagline for the series says it all: Disappointed with yourself? Cheer up, you’re in good company.

Every follower of Jesus wants to be a better person — we want to not do what is wrong, actually do what is right, have a good thought life, and let our language and actions reflect that — but we all fail, often miserably, at being the people we would like to be.

We can beat ourselves up about this (and beat each other up, as well) and stew in our guilt, OR we can do what the Bible tells us to do: repent and move on, realizing that we are never going to be the people we want to be … this side of heaven.

Have a listen to learn about grace and the reality of playing “catch-up” in your Christian life.


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