Last Sunday’s message: “Radical Forgiveness”

forgivenessWe finished up our series, “Jesus the Extremist,” with a look at Jesus’ teaching on the difficult topic of forgiveness. When Jesus spoke about being forgiving, Peter asked how many times should someone forgive a person who wrongs them? Peter thought that seven times was good enough. Jesus countered with 77 times!

Of course, Jesus was not saying we should keep a running total of how often we forgive someone we believe wrongs us; he was saying that to be like God is to be forgiving. Forgiving people can be difficult, but if we truly want to be like God, we will work at being forgiving people.

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Note: If you listen to this message, just know that I have been informed that Nellie Oleson really did exist. She was a historical person. Still, holding a grudge against the TV character based upon her is ridiculous.