Last Sunday’s Message: “When God Stretches You”

wherethemagichappensMoses was an old man when God spoke to him out of the burning bush. He also seemed quite content to live out the rest of his days tending sheep there in the desert. God tasked him with leading his people to freedom. Moses tried to decline, but ultimately God would not let him live out the rest of his days in an uneventful, secure rut.

Many followers of Jesus are stuck in a rut. They never say “yes” to something that they don’t immediately feel comfortable about. They never take on anything that is unlike anything they’ve ever done before. They’re playing it safe. That area where we feel safe and are not challenged has a name: “Comfort Zone.” It’s comfortable in our comfort zone.

However, the good stuff happens outside of our comfort zones. And, God could very well be prodding you to leave your comfort zone, just as he did Moses.

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