Sunday’s Message: “A Tender Heart”

We started a new series of messages last Sunday: “No Shortcuts — Hallmarks of a Maturing Faith.” In this series, we’ll be examining what are some of the key characteristics of a mature, growing Christian faith. What does a mature believer look like? How is someone who’s has intentionally followed Jesus and imitated him for a period of years different from someone who has not?

In the first message we examine the state of our hearts. The Bible talks a lot about the heart and Jesus spoke more than once about people who had hard, calloused or stubborn hearts. The Pharisees are the primary negative example in this: they were good at keeping the rules, but they were jerks about it. Their hearts were hard and they showed no empathy nor compassion to anyone who didn’t live up to their standards.

Sadly, many Christians are very similar in their attitudes towards others. However, a truly mature believer should have a tender, compassionate heart.

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