Sunday’s Message: What’s Up With the Burning Bush?

Almost everyone has to deal with people — family, friends, acquaintances, etc. — asking for a bit of time and energy. We could really use your help with this … Are you available this Saturday to help with that? I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor …. That’s life, right? Part of being a relatively well-adjusted person is learning to say “no,” to many of these requests for your time, energy and talents.

Do we ever learn that lesson too well, though?

When God called Moses from the burning bush and gave Moses the assignment of his lifetime — the great and worthy cause of freeing his people from generations of slavery — Moses balked. He made excuses and when God answered all of Moses’ objections, Moses finally just said, “Can’t you get someone else to do it? Please, can’t you just let me off the hook on this one?”

Sometimes God gives us assignments, and while it’s necessary to be able to say “no” to people, we should really think twice about saying “no” to God when He is clearly putting something on our to-do lists.

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