Sunday’s Message: “Do the Ten Commandments Still Apply?”

ImageDo you try to keep the Ten Commandments? Of course you do; I mean, you wouldn’t want to not keep them, right? Who can argue against such rules as “Do not murder” & “Do not steal“? The Ten Commandments are a cornerstone of our Judeo-Christian societal foundation.

However, as great as the Big Ten are, they’re not the foundation for those of us who follow Jesus, who’re under the New Covenant. This message looks at the place that the Ten Commandments — and even the whole of the Old Testament Law — should have in the life of the person who claims to be a follower of Jesus.

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Sunday’s Message: “What Kind of God Would Do That?”

The story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac is a story that sounds horrific to us, especially if we’re parents. The fact that God stopped Abraham before he actually killed his son is almost beside the point. We think, “How could God let him believe he needed to kill his own son, even for a minute?” and “How could Abraham contemplate, even for second, doing such a terrible thing?” Those are fair questions, but ultimately the story is about knowing why, and to what extent, a person loves and obeys God.

Every parent — both fathers and mothers — says they would die for their children. Most almost certainly would. However, after contemplating this passage, how many parents live in such a way that their children know, with absolute certainty, that their parents love, obey and follow God, even when doing so is difficult?

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Sunday’s Message: “Is Any Fruit THAT Good?”

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the story of the first sin. The concept of “forbidden fruit” is often used in advertising; and I don’t know how many times I’ve seen the ideas of sexuality and “naughtiness” implied, often with the image of an apparently nude woman reaching for a red apple.

However, the real lesson of the story of The Fall isn’t about sin, but about rebellion and the dark side that all of us possess, whether we admit it or not.

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Sunday’s message: “Does Incense Give You a Rash?”

Last Sunday we recognized and encouraged our graduating high school seniors. The message looked at the life and work of a man who became King of Judah at the age of 16. Uzziah is not a particularly well-known person in the Old Testament, but there is more than one thing to be learned from his life. This message addresses Uzziah’s successes and failures and highlights some of the lessons that could learn from his life.

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