Sunday’s Message: “Empowered”

It seems that Christians often err in one of two directions when dealing with overcoming sin in their lives. One tendency is to expect God to just “take away” all temptation. The gambler miraculously loses his desire to gamble, the drinker to drink, etc. Sometimes that happens. But not all the time. The tendency of the other side is to think of it all as a “personal struggle” against old, besetting sins. We’re on our own. You’d better shape up or God’s going to run out of patience with you.

Of course, the biblical teaching is somewhere in the middle. In Romans 8:9–13 Paul says that we have been empowered by God’s Spirit to resist sin’s pull; but he also says that we now have an obligation to live according to the Spirit. Find out more about this in last Sunday’s message.

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