Sunday’s Sermon: “The Story of the Impossible Neighbor”

Have you had a neighbor that you considered “impossible?” Likely you have. We all have. The “impossible neighbor” of this week’s sermon, however, wasn’t some jerk next door who won’t pick up his garbage cans or has old junker cars up on blocks all over his yard. No, this guy was an impossible neighbor because he would never be considered a neighbor to those that Jesus was talking to.

In Luke 10 (25-37), an expert in the Old Testament Law asked Jesus a question that was meant to slip him up. Jesus guided the expert to answer his own question by quoting Scripture. Then, the questioner came back with a qualifying follow-up question, “Yes, but who, exactly, qualifies as a ‘neighbor’?” In answer to that, Jesus told a story about a ‘neighbor’ who was not merely an unlikely neighbor, but an impossible one. This message is a look at the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

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