Last Sunday’s Sermon: “Summer”

summer in MexicoThis is the third message in our series, “For Everything There Is a Season.” The premise of the series is that, as Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens…. If life has its seasons, just as our calendar year does, then it follows that sometimes we experience winter, spring, etc. In this message, we look at the idea that sometimes we are blessed by God to experience a “summertime of the heart.” When that happens, we should not only enjoy, but also understand that such times are merely foretastes of what awaits us in heaven.

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Last Sunday’s Sermon: “Spring”

grass in the springNo, it’s not spring yet, but every year spring follows winter. This is true in one’s spiritual life, as well. This is the second message in the series, “For Everything There Is a Season.” Spring is a great time of renewal, but it also presents us with opportunities that we dare not let pass us by.

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Weekly meetings have started up again!

Hello everyone! Happy 2011! All of our regular scheduled weekly groups have started up again.
Shine! K-5th grade meets on Sunday evenings from 6-7:30.
A meal is provided.
The Light 6th-12th grade meets for a Sunday fellowship from 6-7:30. Dinner is provided.
And Wednesday evenings a Bible Study from 7:30-8:30.
Dates to set aside on your calendar:
March 11 & 12 for the Annual Mt Hoodoo snow trip.
March 25 & 26th is JR High Believe in Portland.
April 14-16 BBC Preview for High school students

Sermon from Jan. 9, 2011: “Winter”

Yaquina Head with snowMost people don’t like winter, yet in nearly every part of the world, winter is a reality. The same thing is true in the spiritual realm, since Ecclesiastes tells us that there i a season “for everything.” In this message, we look at this idea of going through a “winter of the heart” and face the fact that winter is a spiritual fact of life and should be viewed as a season of our spiritual lives — necessary, normal and inevitable. We’re not meant to live in “perpetual spiritual summertime.”

This is the first of a four-part series entitled, “For Everything There Is a Season.”

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