Sunday’s Sermon: Where The Bible Speaks …

This is our third message in our series “What Kind of Church Is This?” In this series, we’re looking at the roots, or the founding ideas behind, our churches — the Christians Churches and Churches of Christ, also known as the “Restoration Movement.” This week we looked at our historical motto or slogan that goes, “Where the Bible speaks, we speak; where the Bible is silent, we are silent.” Much of the time we forget the last half of that slogan and speak where the Bible does not directly speak.

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Sunday’s Sermon: Christians Only, But Not the Only Christians

The Christian churches have a history. One way to explain our history is to look at the principles that we were founded upon. One of them was the idea that followers of Jesus could be “Christians only,” but also realize that they were not the “only” true Christians.

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Women’s Ministry

Starting in January we would like to start a Secret Sister Ministry here at Newport First Christian Church.  To do so we need ladies in our church to get involved by filling out the questionnaire below.  They will be available at church from now until December 19th when they are due!  Or you could click on the link below and fill it out and return it to the church by the 19th of December.

We are starting now so that all have an opportunity to be involved.  We know that the holiday season people are in and out of church so we want to make sure that the questionnaires are available to all.

The term “secret sister” has much more meaning that you realize; in fact, the women in our church are our spiritual sisters.  We have a responsibility to care for, pray for, and seek blessings for our sisters.  The whole idea is for you to be a blessing, which opens doors for you to be blessed.

We will have a Secret Sister Kick Off Potluck on Sunday January 16th after church for all the ladies participating.
Soup will be provided, please bring a side or dessert to go along with the soup.  We will hold one or two large get-togethers throughout the year to get to know your secret sister “anonymously”, with a Christmas Reveal Party at the end!
There will be more information to come.  We would like you to think and pray about joining us in supporting each other throughout 2011!  If you have any questions please contact Ruth Sanders or Amy Reineccius.
Make sure to look at your bulletin for new information as it comes!

Secret Sister Questionnaire

Holiday Schedule

Last 2010 Youth Group and Shine
*will resume again January 9th

Practice for Christmas program will be at 6pm on the following dates:
NOVEMBER 21 & 28
DECEMBER 5, 12, & dress rehearsal on DECEMBER 18th

Christmas Program and Holiday Dinner

December 22 –Youth Group White Elephant Christmas Party 7-9


All High school students can attend Christmas Camp

at Wi-Ne-Ma, December 27th – December 31st. or 541-961-6052

Back from SE Asia — Sermon and a Picture

I got back from Thailand and Cambodia last Saturday, Nov. 6. It was a great trip, accompanying Gene to his teaching engagement at the Leadership Training Institute in Battambang, Cambodia. Last Sunday I brought a report on my initial impressions from the the trip. The “gist” of it is, “Southeast Asia Needs Jesus!” Please follow this link to download or listen to the audio.  Alternatively, you can subscribe to the NFCC audio feed via iTunes. Follow this link to the iTunes music store to subscribe.

I’m still processing all of my photos from the trip, but I do have this to show. It’s a multi-exposure high dynamic range image taken at Angkor Wat. Click on the photo below to see a larger version.

Angkor Wat

The entrance to Angkor Wat, seen from the inside of the temple complex.